I haven’t posted anything geology related in awhile. Here is a shot of cross beds literally eroding out of the St. Peter Sandstone at Matthiessen State Park. Cross beds are relics of when the sand was first deposited and can be used to determine the flow direction of the medium that transported the sand grains. In this case the flow direction is to the left. #vscocam #geology #matthiessen #coolrocks

I got a chance to take some cool pictures last weekend. #stars #longexposure

Well this is mildly disturbing

Signing off of Tumblr forever because people can’t not post Game of Thrones spoilers I guess.

Threw on shorts and hopped on my bike. Immediately died. So out of shape.

Good vinyl day thanks in part to @errorrecords #vinyl #converge #thedearhunter

Google has the best April Fools ever. @xdavisxx .

Baseball season starts today. Made some improvements to the office.

Car moshing. So bad.